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How to apply

30 JUNE 2018

Post your completed application form along with the listed support material to Turner Galleries.

Please contact the gallery
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Turner Galleries Artist in Residence Programme Information

Note: This residency is now only available to Australian artists living in Australia.

Turner Galleries strives to exhibit the work of artists who fall outside of the mainstream of conservative art practise. We encourage artists to approach us if their work is unique, experimental, challenging, visually and mentally stimulating. We also believe in the importance of the connections between artists and the community as a whole, so we have created an innovative ARTIST IN RESIDENCE PROGRAMME, which has attracted artists from interstate and overseas to foster those relationships.

The Residency

This residency programme began in 2001, as The Church Gallery Artist in Residence Programme. In 2007, after moving to new premises and a change of name, the programme recommenced as the Turner Galleries Artist in Residence Programme. Each residency is now held in conjunction with North Metropolitan TAFE [formerly Central Institute of Technology] who provide the artist with accommodation and a large studio space. Residency length is up to four weeks long, in consultation with Turner Galleries and North Metropolitan TAFE. Each residency incorporates a solo exhibition in Turner Galleries and a floor talk. We are happy to consider artists who work with wall mounted works, sculpture, jewellery, photography, new technologies [including computer, film, video and media generated imagery], and installation.

Turner Galleries + North Metropolitan TAFE will supply and fund >

Turner Galleries takes 40% commission [+GST] on residency exhibitions and sales from the stockroom. If another gallery exclusively represents you, we are willing to discuss a shared commission.

Turner Galleries Art Angels Inc.

Art Angels Inc was initiated in 2002 as a fund raising body for the residency programme. Financial support may vary from one residency to another, depending on Art Angelsí membership numbers.

Minimum funding for each residency will include return airfare, return freight [to a maximum of $3,000] and $4,400 towards producing 60 limited edition artworks, whilst membership numbers are under 60. Over the past three years memberships have averaged 45 per year equalling approximately $9,900 per residency.

What we require

Each artist in residence is required to produce an edition of 60 limited edition prints or artworks [in any medium], in return for financial support from Turner Galleries Art Angels. A sum of $4,400 is provided to the artist for this purpose. [Once Art Angels membership exceeds 60, the number of limited edition artworks will increase, along with additional funding for the artist].

Residency times

Each residency can be up to four weeks in length, preferably in the following months:

Collaborations with other institutions

Turner Galleries has an ongoing agreement with North Metropolitan TAFE to hold joint residencies. North Metropolitan TAFE supplies fully furnished accommodation and a large studio for the artist in residence. In return the artist must provide an artist talk, or floor talk, to a class of North Metropolitan TAFE students.

Successful applicants are encouraged to interact with the local art schools and the Art Angels by providing lectures or floor talks about their art practice. There is also an ongoing collaboration between Turner Galleries and three other tertiary institutions, Edith Cowan University, the University of WA, and Curtin University, for artists to have joint residencies. This leads to greater opportunities for increased financial support and for the artist to work as a mentor with the students. The artist needs to be approved by both the University and Turner Galleries for joint residencies. In most cases accommodation, studio and exhibition are supplied by Turner Galleries and North Metropolitan TAFE, and the University provides airfare and a stipend for the time spent working with students. Art Angels contribute towards other related costs.