20 Years At Turner Galleries

A celebratory documentary

Just before the gallery closed in 2020, the fabulous team at Abandoned Suitcase [Patrizia Tonello & Graham Taylor] created a documentary about Turner Galleries.

A few words from Abandoned Suitcase...
Gallery Director Helen Turner and Gallery Manager & Curator Allison Archer have been at the helm of Turner Galleries, one of the most important and innovative art galleries on the Perth contemporary art scene for the past 20 years. While technically a 'commercial' gallery, Turner's exhibition programs were often more in line with contemporary art museums, presenting rigorous and conceptually challenging shows year after year for Perth art patrons to enjoy.

In November 2019, Helen regretfully announced the closure of Turner Galleries and we felt very strongly that its passing should not go unrecorded. Both Helen and Allison graciously allowed us to film them as they tackled the monumental task of packing up the gallery, as well as setting aside time for filmed interviews. Allison's meticulous archiving of photographs over the span of those 20 years meant that there were plenty of images available for inclusion in this film. Where there were none, we exercised artistic licence and made our own, animating drawings I did especially for this project.

Where possible, we have captioned photos, especially those of actual artworks used in this film. The photographers of the artworks are not captioned, as this information was not available to us at the time. For detailed information about the artworks such as title, medium and size, the viewer will have to chase that up themselves. Some artist's information is still be accessible through the Turner Galleries website, and some artists have will have their own sites.

Here's a list of the artists captioned: Jacqueline Ball, Philip Berry, Brian Blanchflower, Jeremy Blincoe, Marion Borgelt, Conrad Botes, Paul Caporn, Olga Cironis, Thea Costantino, Peter Dailey, Debra Dawes, Marian Drew, Stuart Elliott, Susan Flavell, Eva Fernandez, Nicholas Folland, Hui-jyu Forrester, Indra Geidans, Tarryn Gill, Jillian Green, Lucas Grogan, Paul Hinchliffe, Cherry Hood, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Harry Hummerston, Yoa Jui-Chung, Paul Kaptein, Theo Koning, Carlier Makigawa, Clare McFarlane, Lia McKnight, Graham Miller, Anna Nazzari, Andrew Nicholls, Louise Paramor, Gregory Pryor, Garry Pumfrey, Trevor Richards, Lisa Roet, Joan Ross, Mike Singe, Martin Smith, Valerie Sparks, Holly Story, Kati Thamo, Lisa Wolfgramm

Growing Pains by Scott Buckley
Slow Motion by Bensound
Angel's Dream by Aakash Gandhi
Sleep Little Child & Lonely Fish by Sascha End