paul caporn


20 september - 19 october 2019

Paul Caporn's exhibition Incidental has emerged out of his ongoing interest in a defiantly indeterminate mode of art production and gathers a collection of works emerging from the past 20 years of practice.

He works with a variety of mediums, often repurposing existing materials to create surprising new forms, such as artworks made of spirit levels, or sculpted industrial vehicles composed of rubber matting.

Caporn notes that the works in this exhibition have "evolved out of a deeper consideration of my different modes of production and the things that happen by chance, serendipitously or as a distraction from a particular path, allowing them to become outcomes, in themselves. I find that this is often where the unexpected and new may emerge from, and is the zone where I get the greatest pleasure from my practice."
[Artist statement September 2019]

Early in his career he studied painting and was fascinated by colour theory and ideas about how we see images via the light being reflected from objects. This drove him down the path of not just representing light through painting but using lights within his work. Incidental will showcase several works utilising light, along with a spirit level sculpture, an inverted carousel horse and a series of giclee prints.

Coincidentally ambient light in physics is often described as incidental and the direction a light ray is reflected off the surface of an object is described as the angle of incidence.

Perhaps it is not incidental that many of the works in this show bring light, painting and sculpture together. They are so closely connected that one cannot exist now without considering its context to the other.

Although he studied as a painter at Curtin University, Paul Caporn is better known for his sculptural works, including public art commissions. He was the recipient of the Sculpture by the Sea first prize at Cottesloe Beach in 2012, his enormous rubber crane, Slump, from his 2009 solo show with us, was acquired by the Ipswich Regional Gallery in Queensland and the Art Gallery of WA acquired his rubber scissor lift [Insupportable] from the AGWA Remix 2011 exhibition. His artworks are also held in the collections of Artbank, Kerry Stokes, Janet Holmes a Court, City of Perth, St John of God, Curtin University, North Metro TAFE, and Parliament House.


























































paul caporn artwork
incidental light
neon, timber, resin
50 x 105 x 30cm
$3,8000 sold
paul caporn artwork
heads it is
timber, acrylic paint, papier mache
220 x 63 x 40cm
paul caporn artwork
level structure
spirit levels [will fade over time]
42 x 30 x 30cm
paul caporn artwork
boy blue
timber, acrylic paint, LEDs
21 x 81 x 13cm
paul caporn artwork
incident with time
timber, acrylic paint, styrene, iron, water, oxygen, time
120 x 158 x 9cm
paul caporn artwork
incidental sign
timber, acrylic paint, LEDs
74 x 74 x 3cm
paul caporn artwork
angle of incidence in orange
neon, timber, acrylic paint
61 x 178 x 23cm
paul caporn artwork
fluffy duck
timber, acrylic paint, LEDs
24 x 56 x 28cm
paul caporn artwork
incident with shelf
timber, acrylic paint, steel
98 x 110 x 26cm
paul caporn artwork
mobile incident 1-16
gicleee print on rag paper
21 x 30cm [x16]
2009 printed 2019
$440 each sold 125432, 124938, 124907