kati thamo artwork

kati thamo

"memories can be embedded in objects, which through their tactility continue to carry some aspects of a previous time. By holding certain fabrics and materials we are able to summon an elusive past. Yet memory and experiences can also slip through our fingers. In these works I also consider the fading of memory - how in the end we are left with traces, remnants and outlines."

kati thamo, 2014


Katie Thamo employs various printing techniques, including linocut, woodcut, etching, collagraph, solvent transferred collages and in some works she combines techniques or adds watercolour finishes.

The telling of tales has always been integral to her art practice, and she draws on personal stories and incidents along with grander narratives to devise a form of visual fable. Using a cast of characters, including animals and objects, her storylines describe the mystery, frailty, hopefulness and anxiety of life. She says, "I often think of my images as small theatre settings where various dramas are enacted."

Kati was born in 1956 in Perth, Western Australia, to Hungarian parents. She studied art at Edith Cowan University and the Hobart School of Art, majoring in printmaking. Since 1980 she has lived mainly on the far south coast of WA, working from her home studio. Kati's work has been exhibited nationally in both solo and group exhibitions, and is held in numerous private and public art collections in both Australia and overseas.