indra geidans

“An area of particular interest within my art practice is the the relationship we have with our bodies both in the effects of ageing and how we choose to disguise our appearance. Encompassing this is the fashion industry and how we comply to standards of dress and presentation. The last two exhibitions of paintings have focused on the supposed flaws and small defects concealed beneath our clothing. These images have made reference to the aging process and the individual’s scrutiny and perception of their self image. In many cases the paintings have conveyed a sense of isolation as the subject has caught a passing glimpse of their real self.

They are a series of narratives exploring the human condition and referencing the passing of time both on fabric and on flesh. They are a celebration of life in a world where our perception of aging is generally tainted with negative assumptions and relegated to the unseen.

Our current media represents the notion of beauty only within the realms of youth and often using images of adolescents as models for products. We are bombarded with advertising telling us to apply a plethora of lotions and creams to stall the aging process. Women in particular are targets for this advertising push for perfection. The beauty industry is a thriving industry, sometimes pushing us to the extremes of paranoia about our failing appearances. A continuation of this idea is that our eternal demise is imminent and fast approaching, when in fact our aging population is on the increase not on the decline.

Instead of addressing issues of a spiritual, global or compassionate nature our pre-occupation with self, vanity and commercialism is continuing further into our aging lives. Within a series of recent artworks I have been focusing on the body that has aged and the portrayal of this image as being positive and worthy of presentation to the public.”

Indra Geidans 2007