04.06.03 - 22.06.03



The Church Gallery is very pleased to present new work by ten outstanding visual arts graduates from 2003. These exciting emerging artists were handpicked after staff visited every graduate and post-graduate exhibition in Perth and made their final selection from Edith Cowan University, Curtin University, Central TAFE and Midland TAFE. This is the third consecutive year that The Church Gallery has presented such an exhibition, and this year’s theme is that of suburbia and domesticity. All of the artists use a realistic, or figurative, approach to their diverse work.

Rebecca Baumann reinterprets the fad of self-help books in her darkly humorous book launch and installation. Nadine Baxter uses domestic materials of wool and buttons to create intriguing small-scale sculptures. Rebecca Dagnall continues with her series of photographs depicting everyday suburbia in Thornlie and Anwen Handmer paints silent, domestic interiors. Lexie Harrison, like Nadine Baxter, utilises everyday materials to create artworks, in this case old linoleum. Therese Howard casts insects and small animals, such as mice, and birds in bronze. These are creatures that inhabit our domestic environments, but the viewers will have to search to find them in the gallery. Simon McArdell is a young painter who has created a series of small paintings depicting suburbia and light industrial areas. Kerry McGregor utilises her jewellery training to create beautiful small-scale implements that call to mind traditional tools used by women in lace making and crocheting, yet they are based on modern kitchen utensils. Anna Nazzari has constructed boxes that evoke early childhood memories of hand wound toys. Rebecca Ryan’s work has evolved from her investigations of being a white woman of Aboriginal descent. Her drawings and objects relate to advertising, suburbia and her family history.

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*prices valid 2004

therese howard
still life
painted bronze, organic material, metal
dimensions variable

rebecca dagnall
nothing out of the ordinary: no.10 6108
photograph edition of 20
59 x 59cm
$250 [$600 series of 3]

rebecca ryan
velvet series [viii]
soap, photographic transfers
dimensions variable

simon mcardell
dividual I [detail]
oil on canvas
4x [30 x 20cm] + 1x [30 x 40cm]
$900 SOLD

rebecca baumann
digital print
120 x 140cm
price on application

lexie harrison
house keeping II
hand carved linoleum
30 x 30cm

nadine baxter
netted wool + zip
dimensions variable
anna nazzari
untitled I
mixed media
dimensions variable
kerry mcgregor
leather, silk, silver
dimensions variable
anwen handmer
little [discarded] histories / broken hallelujahs irrespectively II
oil on marine ply
40 x 40cm