28.08.03 - 14.09.03


sir charles gairdner hospital art award



This is Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital’s 24th art prize exhibition since its inception in 1977. It is certainly a very different art exhibition from when it first started, and has emerged as one of the most sought after and well respected art awards in Western Australia.

As the exhibition is now so popular, artists are chosen by invitation only, resulting in a superb selection of 24 of Western Australia’s most talented artists. The participating artists cover a broad range of styles and ages, which will guarantee an exciting and diverse exhibition of artworks.

The participating artists are: Susanna Castleden, Paul Hinchliffe, Brian McKay, Helen Smith, Casper Fairhall, Bevan Honey, Serena McLauchlan, Alex Spremberg, Galliano Fardin, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Janis Nedela, Miriam Stannage, Joss Gregson, Eveline Kotai, Ron Nyisztor, Paul Uhlmann, Richard Gunning, Emily Mabee, Kevin Robertson, Philip Ward-Dickson, Peter Hill, Amanda McHenry, Mike Singe, and Lisa Wolfgramm.

The judges for the 2003 award are Gary Dufour, Deputy Director of the Art Gallery of WA; Professor Ian Constable, a private collector and Director of the Lions Eye Institute; and Lady Sheila Cruthers, a private collector and representative of the SCGH Art Advisory Committee.

Entry to the two-week exhibition is free. Proceeds from artwork sales will be used to purchase works for the hospital's art collection, which is used to brighten patient areas around the hospital.


*prices valid 2003

susanna castleden
filtered visions III [detail]

screen print + mapping pins
131 x 87cm
caspar fairhall
five ten fiftyfold [detail]

oil + graphite on construction
60 x 170 x 25cm
galliano fardin
rainy seasons [detail]

oil on canvas
105.5 x 105.5cm
joss gregson
still life no.45

acrylic + wax on canvas
120 x 120cm
richard gunning
st leonards st view and still life

oil on canvas
107 x 71cm
peter hill

oil on canvas
122 x 150cm
paul hinchliffe
a thousand kisses deep

acrylic, canvas + pine
130 x 130cm

bevan honey
stringline V [detail]

builders chalk, polyurethane, mdf + pine
90 x 120cm
jeremy kirwan-ward
surface writing : green swell

acrylic on canvas
140 x 170cm
eveline kotai
untitled [detail]

acrylic + oil on canvas
120 x 150cm
emily mabee
stars [detail]

woven acrylic paint
25 x 25cm [x4]
amanda mchenry
six degrees of space [detail]

mixed media on canvas
30 x 30cm [x6]
brian mckay
night flower

automotive enamel on etched aluminium
122.5 x 102.5cm
serena mclauchlan
singe green [detail]

oil + wax on board
54 x 54cm [x2]
janis nedela

acrylic on canvas
170 x 115
acquired for SCGH with the assistance of WESFARMER
ron nyisztor
civilisation [detail]

oil on canvas
120 x 140cm
kevin robertson
scarborough beach road, night

oil on linen
126.5 x 126cm
$2800 SOLD
mike singe
west coast lino landscape [detail]

perth street directories + mdf
160 x 92cm
helen smith
interior #11AR, #6W, #7W [detail]

gesso + pencil on canvas
150 x 150cm
alex spremberg
looppool [detail]

enamel + varnish on wood
120 x 90cm
miriam stannage
ground zero [detail]
ink on canvas
148 x 115cm
paul uhlmann
here, in passing

oil on canvas
122 x 91cm
philip ward-dickson
suburban dialogue - wembley kookaburra [detail]

acrylic + ink on board
40 x 100cm
lisa wolfgramm
painting #133 [detail]

oil on canvas
150 x 150 cm