jacqueline ball

Jacqueline Ball is an emerging artist whose distinctive photographs have recently been acquired by the Art Gallery of WA and Artbank. She studied at Curtin University, graduating with First Class Honours in 2009 and went on to complete her Masters of Fine Art at RMIT University last year. She has recently been awarded a PICA studio residency and will commence her PhD at Curtin University in March 20113.

The sculptural forms that Jacqueline photographs are created in the studio using a variety of materials and casting processes. As Jenepher Duncan stated in the Remix catalogue [Art Gallery of WA 2011], "For Jacqueline Ball, the fact that the camera can 'lie' is part of its appeal as she explores the artifice of physical space built on differing scales using ordinary materials like cardboard, metals and wood. The actual physical working process that insists on her engagement with materials and space is central to her creative process, and is as much a part of the final work as the photographic image she has created." Each form is presented for examination as if it were on a stage, awaiting an action to unfold suggesting the notion that "objects are not inert and mute but they tell stories and describe trajectories."
[Laura U Marks. The Skin of Film, London: Duke University Press, 2000, p80.]